Thursday, April 08, 2004

hey bulldog..


thanks for being an awesome fren for the past few yrs.. you're someone i can always depend on and i'm really glad i met you.. destiny? intertwination of fates? who knows? but i'm glad u're in my life..

hehe.. since u gonna stop working soon n have so much free time..

and since u wanted to start blogging, here's a page.. :) hehe.. have named it after.. hehe.. 8tv inspiration.. :) i know u'll luv it!! "SKYJUICE WITH TABASCO SAUCE".. :) You can play around and change anything you want in the Template, it's yours now!! if any of ur frens need a freelance web designer :) you know who to recommend.. yea? XD

other things you'll need/do:
a sitemeter.. an imood register.. edit the about me section.. and links too..

if you need any help, ask yours truly and help shall come forth.. :)

smile always, ntv, 8tv forever..
panda mei.