Monday, May 30, 2005


lol... a bit funny... first my name, then my sister's..
but anyway.. it's my sister's birthday tomoro :)
so here's a little msg for here which hopefully she'll read...

Hey, cheng-cheng:P
happy birthday... although this isn't much... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:) thanks for all the times you've been nice to me and for giving me stuff... although i don't always say thanks or show my gratitude... but'll always be the best sister i'll ever have ;)... Keep growing in the knowledge and maturity of God:)


happy birthday,
you're 17 today,
no longer a girl but a lady,
stand tall today,
be proud of all you've done,
cos' i'm proud of who you've become.

yeah, i know it doesn't really rhyme exactly... but hey, it's the heart that counts rite?and i'm not telling how long it took to come up with that... ;)
happy birthday cheng... :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


have you ever tried googling your own name?... heh, the results can be quite interesting... this is what i came up with...

*Tang Zhiyong, the former general manager of Shanghai Baosteel Equipment Maintenance Company, who together with two others accepted bribes worth 4.6 million yuan.

and this:
*During the Sui Dynasty (589-618 AD) the monk Zhiyong, a seventh-generation descendant of Wang Xizhi, produced many copies of traditional Wang style writings for distribution among various temples throughout (modern day) Zhejiang province. Zhiyong was also the teacher of Yu Shinan, an assistant in the Palace Library at the Sui court who went on to hold more senior academic positions at the early Tang court under Taizong

heheh... try it yourself :)... you'll never know who you are :P

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

call a doctor

I recently realized the enormity of the task of a doctor...
it actually struck me when i was taking my first aid course. Among some of the basic rules for first aid is that if the situation is too serious or out of your control... call emergency medic service... which leads you to a doctor. If you're facing any sort of medical problem, call a doctor. If you don't know what to do in a n emergency, call a doctor.. for that matter, whenever an emergency occurs, the first person you call is normally a doctor.
heh, then i realized that becoming a doctor is akin to being like being some sort of "superman"... cos' you're expected to know what to do when nobody knows what to do, you're expected to "save the day" when everyone's panicking and running for cover, you're expected to save a life that would otherwise die.

hmm...and then i come to what i'm studying now... and it seems quite scary cos' what i study now doesn't seem to teach you anything related to being that "superman" :P... well, i suppose you could say you've to learn the basics n stuff like that... but yeah, suddenly you realize how important it is to pay attention in class.. ;) this coming from the guy who falls asleep in class almost everyday, lol... today being one of those days...

Monday, May 23, 2005

blogger's prayer

heh... found this in william's blog...

Saturday, May 21, 2005
check out something out that i found. its funny but also serious.
The Blogger's Prayer
The Blogger's Prayer 1.1 by Andrew Jones (June, 2002)

Our Father
who lives above and beyond the dimension of the internet

Give us this day a life worth blogging,
The access to words and images that express our journey with passion and integrity,
And a secure connection to publish your daily mercies.
Your Kingdom come into new spaces today,
As we make known your mysteries,
Posting by posting,
Blog by blog.

Give this day,
The same ability to those less privileged,
Whose lives speak louder than ours,
Whose sacrifice is greater,
Whose stories will last longer.

Forgive us our sins,
For blog-rolling strangers and pretending they are friends,
For counting unique visitors but not noticing unique people,
For delighting in the thousands of hits but ignoring the ONE who returns,
For luring viewers but sending them away empty handed,
For updating daily but repenting weekly.

As we forgive those who trespass on our sites to appropriate our thoughts without reference,
Our images without approval,
Our ideas without linking back to us.

Lead us not into the temptation to sell out our congregation,
To see people as links and not as lives,
To make our blogs look better than our actual story.

But deliver us from the evil of pimping ourselves instead of pointing to you,
From turning our guests into consumers of someone else's products,
From infatuation over the toys of technology,
From idolatry over techology
From fame before our time has come.

For Yours is the power to guide the destinies behind the web logs,
To bring hurting people into the sanctuaries of our sites,
To give us the stickiness to follow you, no matter who is watching or reading.
Yours is the glory that makes people second look our sites and our lives,
Yours is the heavy ambience,

For ever and ever,

yeah, like william said... its funny, but also quite worth reflecting upon...
btw... yeah, its william's 21st birthday :) he's in Aus though... pity...

Friday, May 20, 2005

small world

its a really small world...
last nite i went to watch Star Wars III with andrew and his fren(Michelle)...
that she studied in NUS i knew-lah.. but then when she said she knew my brother... wah, suddenly the world seems so much smaller... apparently they both stay in the same hall and have seen each other before... okay..which also means she knows joshua teo who also stays in the same hall(King Edward VII)...

anyway, i was browsing through links... and found out that this friend of daniel's... sueanne... know adeline gong.. who goes to IMU... uhh, yeah... so its wierd... its like ppl i know are suddenly "connected" to other ppl i know that i never knew could know...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


if you all haven't heard... there's news that the story The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe is being made into a movie... i first read this story when i was a kid... and about 10 years later.. now, when i take the book out, its still as cool to read as always...
i think it'll make a good movie, esp since its quite short... so i think it'll be safe to assume that it won't be like LOTR...and... Disney is producing it... so it should be good:)

Monday, May 16, 2005


heheh... i thought this is pretty cool... blogopoly ... via
haih... sitting in library studying while waiting for CAL... anyways, since its nursing week... i think i'm mentioning this again but anyway, its nursing week n i don't have classes the whole week... cos will be in hospital wed n thurs while today n tomoro nth really much to do....

Sunday, May 15, 2005

nursing week

this week is nursing week... so technically i don't have lecture for the whole week... but then on wed n thurs have to wake up at 5 to go Seremban Hospital to learn to be nurse...
hope this nursing week is survivable...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


people in a group tend to like jargon.. it's actually kinda cool to have your own personal lingo amongst a group of frens.. until u start forcing it on other ppl that is...

last weekend i was in CF camp... it's really bad(uhh, no not the camp), but i realized that among christians we tend to talk in a certain way... like when have you ever talked about "righteousness, salvation, eternity, holiness, divinity.." n stuff like dat among your frens... still, its no wonder non-christians feel downright out of place amongst some christians..
i also realized this happens amongst doctors... let's try physiology,myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular emboli... well, at least doctors don't try to make you believe in something...

n/eways... today in IMU we had this IRF thing... it was pretty enlightening actually...muslims and christians actually have much in common in our ideas about the purpose of life(muslims purpose of life is to serve n worship Allah), where we go after death n stuff... but i suppose where we split off is where we stand on forgiveness i think...

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Joseph's mum just passed away. Its extremely sudden n saddening.
won't really blog much today although just came back from camp...

Friday, May 06, 2005

off again

it seems i'm hardly ever home nowadays... it's really bad.. n today i'm going off for camp again till sunday... haih, reli shud put aside more time to be in the house... hmm, actually even when i AM in the house i'm hardly even seen cos' i'm probably in my room sleeping/studying... alamak, how come like this...

anyway... going off for CF camp, uhh... yeah, in genting, Peacehaven... i'll probably blog about this again when i get back cos'... yeah, lotsa stuff happened in the preparation of this camp-lah... but anyway... hopefully its enjoyable :) hmm, but i suppose more importantly, that its "God-sent".. :)

Monday, May 02, 2005


urm... yeah, actually today i just came back from a retreat... a really good wan-lah... it was a Sunday School Teacher's Retreat, n yeah... i rarely come back from a camp feeling so "high"-la...but also actually quite draining for some reason... i think bcos rarely use brain so much for church stuff...
anyway.. am quite excited for the future prospect of where Sunday School is going... hopefully we can maintain the "high" we're currently on n achieve the dreams we have...
uh, yeah... in case ya'll dunno... i'm teaching youth sunday school class...